Yoga Instructor

I recently shot a video portrait of a yoga instructor, which I am so happy to finally be able to share with you. I filmed the yoga routine in a small loft room in the city and did the interview on a different day. Interviews usually make people nervous, and even more so when you have to speak in a different language, so we simply focused on one thing at a time without adding any element of stress. I felt slightly limited by the equipment I was using because of the small space and the light but overall, I’m really happy with the outcome and the flow of the video.

Maija is a yoga instructor, based in Riga, and she is such a sweetheart. It was so fascinating to watch her move with such ease and grace and to listen to her talk about her passion for teaching and for yoga. She could easily sway anyone to try it. If you happen to be in Latvia and keen to practice yoga or to learn, I highly recommend booking a session with her, she is amazing.

The video is shot with the GH5 in Neutral profile with a few adjustments + colour correction. I used a variable ND filter for some shots because of the light. And the video is shot in 24fps and in 48fps. All manual focus. Thank you and hope you enjoy.

Short film for Yoga Instructor Maija Meijere
Art Direction, Film, Editing: Victoria Lagnehag
Music: A Somber Moment in Bb by Mattfrodo