Why You Need Social Media Manners

©Victoria Lagnehag

Social media is booming. 2.3 billion are signed up to Facebook, Instagram has 1 billion active users and YouTube around the 2 billion mark. 330 millions have active accounts on Twitter and 300 million on LinkedIn. And we are not talking millennials, we are talking pre-teens to seniors all on the same platforms. Essentially, your entire clientele is hanging out across the social channels. 

While social media is a great way to stay in touch with family and friends, it’s important to understand that it goes way beyond casual updates, dinner photos and holiday greetings. Companies are doing background checks, people are cultivating career paths, building relationships and brands are conducting serious marketing. Making an impressive social footprint is important.

Whether you use social platforms for business, pleasure or both, you should be mindful on how you interact with people. The way you conduct yourself through your social media channels is a direct reflection on you and your brand. Just like networking, appearance and manners are key. One seemingly small social slip can result in a massive hit to you personally or your brand.

We’ve all been taught manners, etiquette and rules. It’s how we navigate through life. But when it comes to social media manners, there is a different set of rules that brands, businesses and individuals need to follow to succeed.

Social Media Manners is not rocket science, more like common sense, but it needs addressing since so many people are making mistakes in captures, in responses and how they interact with people. Here are my 10 tips on how to conduct yourself online:

  1. Be professional
    I love brands with a personal touch but that’s completely different to being private. Your family and friends might love an update on your boozy night out but I can guarantee you, your customers do not. Be sure to separate the two and always act in a professional manner on public profiles.

  2. It’s not about you
    Don’t talk about you. Don’t talk about how great you are. Do not post ads. Be polite, helpful, useful, inviting, nice. There’s nothing worse than brands trying desperate to sell.

  3. Remember social
    People tend to forget the word social in social media. You want engagement? Engage. You want followers? Follow. You want customers? Be nice.

  4. Be 2019
    Forget what your marketing team taught you back in the 80s. It’s a new era and we are not about headlines and lengthy articles. We want eye-catching visuals and compelling captures.

  5. Don’t do automated
    The quick and easy way to tell users you don’t care about them is to send an automated response. Grant them the same time and effort it took them to write you a message or a comment.

  6. Be timely
    Make sure to create a schedule and stick to it. Your followers expect you to show up so don’t disappoint.

  7. Know your tribe
    Remember who you are posting for, the why and the how.

  8. Share cautiously
    Do not share people’s post without permission, do not tag them without permission and know how to credit correctly. A quick ask for permission -- and an explanation of why -- will go a long way.

  9. Easy on hashtags
    Hashtags started for a reason. To be able to search for and find posts relevant to that topic. Don’t use a hashtag just because someone else is using that one. It may not be representative of what you or your brand is trying to achieve.

  10. Spell-check
    Nothing undermines your credibility more than grammatical errors. A quick spell-check on Google is all it takes.