Where Home is

©Victoria Lagnehag

Do you know how many times we’ve moved? Fifteen times in the last ten years.

I’ve always loved new beginnings, always loved to travel, finding adventures and curious of what’s around the corner. Some say restless, I prefer inquisitive.

The downside of choosing a life of adventures and changing home address more times than is perhaps advisable, is that it’s hard to define where home is. I read somewhere that "it’s so easy to find a flat or a house but the difficulty is finding a home". There’s a truth in that.

We’re doing another move in the next few weeks. Number sixteen. Another property but not a home. I sometimes wonder if we’ll ever find our way home or if we’ll always love the journey more. I guess time will tell.

Photo from a home I had the pleasure of staying at temporarily, the home of the lovely and gracious hosts Irene and Paolo.