Visual Marketing · How To Get Started

©Victoria Lagnehag

When we publish content under our brand name, it is important to remember that what we’re really doing, is visual marketing. What does that mean? Well, it means that you’re using a visual element to connect with another user. The content is promoting your brand and reaching out to customers. As such, it should be carefully thought through and be presented in a professional manner.

Visual marketing is about making a good impression and conveying messages that are representative of your brand. This in turn, requires thought and knowledge.

Today, we have a split second to impress before the customer moves on to the next. That window is absolutely crucial. It also means that the content we produce, need to grab the audience quickly and that can be quite difficult to achieve.

A good way to get started with your visual marketing is to start from the inside. 

  1. Identify your brand’s values.

  2. Who is your customer?

  3. How do you want to make your customers feel?

  4. What is your brand message?

  5. Create a visual marketing strategy.

Every time you publish visual content you create a marketing opportunity for your business. But it’s important you get it right. Make it epic. And make sure you know what you want to communicate, how you need to communicate and where you should communicate. It’s also important that the person in charge of that communication is well versed in your values, your customers and what you want to convey.

Customers decide whether they like your business based on what they see, but they’ll also consume content by the same logic. So, uploading good quality visuals on social platforms mean more likes, views, engagement but also more sales.

Creating intentional content based on a carefully thought through strategy, takes both time and expertise but it will also determines how successful you’ll become.