The Importance Of Brand Visuals

©Victoria Lagnehag

People make decisions based on emotions and a personal set of values.

That’s a fact. 

And it's scientifically proven, that we process and respond to visuals quicker than any other type of data.

What does that mean?

It means that your brand visuals are extremely powerful when building your brand and connecting with customers. And the key to create a strong visual brand identity is to tell a story that people love. A story that breathes authenticity and communicates the heartbeat of your business. Your visual identity should be consistent, appealing and have a strong customer focus. And it should make an amazing first impression, so good, they’ll never forget you.

To build a brand that attracts your people, you need to think as the people you’re trying to reach, rather than a business owner. What make people choose one brand over the other? What make people connect, engage, share? And how can we utilise that information when we create content for our social channels? Great brands know their customers and they have a way of connecting with them through their visuals in an authentic way.

Social media is a platform of visual impressions with a strong impact on billions of users, worldwide. Which is why it’s an amazing tool to build brands and reach customers. But the competition is fierce. Visuals either grab us or they don’t and you only have a split second to make an impact. Which is why it is important to do your research, create a strategy and the type of content that your people will love. Social media is way passed random snaps without thought or direction. Social Media content for brands, whether personal or corporate, is serious marketing.