Oltes Ceramics

I am really proud of this video. I loved documenting the pottery process and watching this talented young woman at work. I think it is so beautiful and I know I want to do more of this type of work. She worked in silence with classical music playing in the background and while I slightly regret not adding voiceover to the video to add another dimension to the storytelling, this is capturing how she prefers to work. In silence, to music.

Sigita Olte is the young woman behind Oltes Ceramics, a small pottery studio based in Riga. Her beautiful artwork can be purchased from her directly or at select shops around Riga. She also hosts workshops and she is a wonderful tutor. Please remember to support solo artists instead of buying mass productions, these entrepreneurs are all depending on your support.

The video is shot with the GH5 in Neutral profile with a few adjustments + colour correction. And predominantly shot in 48fps. All manual focus. Thank you and hope you enjoy.

Short film for Oltes Ceramics
Art Direction, Film, Editing: Victoria Lagnehag
Music: Dark Night of The Soul by Philip Wesley