Instagram Hiding Like And View Count

©Victoria Lagnehag

Instagram is changing, we’ve known that for awhile. The future has already happened on Facebook so a lot of things have been easy to predict. The latest is that Likes and Views will be hidden in an effort to take away the pressure that social media brings and regain focus on content.

Or, so they say.

The platform is still in control of how and what we see and the algorithm controls our feed. Our result is based on strategic moves rather than content and the latest update will not change that. It will have an affect on small businesses, solopreneurs and micro to mid-tier influencers. Of that, I am sure. Which forces people into advertising, which is essentially what the platform wants.

My view is that social media platforms are great tools while they last. Utilise the marketing opportunity but understand that Instagram is not forever so it’s important to focus on where we are heading next. And for solopreneurs, small business owners and influencers, it’s paramount to not create your business around one platform. It is too volatile and too uncertain. Make sure you own your own platform, ie have a website or a blog or similar, where you are in control. Because third party platforms will never be sustainable.