Happy Birthday Scout

©Victoria Lagnehag

Our baby boy, Scout, turns six years old today. He is not your average dog. He carries a lot of bagage. Some we've discovered along the way, some we haven’t yet and some, I’m sure, we’ll never know of.

He is at his happiest at home or in his garden with no noise to distract or scare him, besides the soft buzzing of the bees collecting honey. He loves to indulge in his favourite treats: carrots, cucumbers and bananas. He doesn’t care much for toys, action movies or new adventures but he loves routines and soft jazz that makes napping all the more pleasurable. He loves winter and summer all the same and the forest for its tranquility. He doesn’t quite like other dogs besides puppies and his sister Pen, who’s showed him that two is better than one. He doesn’t run, doesn’t play, doesn’t chase balls or swim. But he can stand on the shore with his paws in the water observing infinity, almost as if he is dreaming of one day being able to. He is in human terms an introvert, a party pooper, a homebody, disabled, anxious, naive and affectionate little guy.

Today we will celebrate your birthday, your way. Not a lot of toys but all the more belly rubs. We will cuddle, play your favourite tunes on Spotify and give you little treats that your tummy can handle. We love you sweetheart, more than you’ll ever know and so grateful for every day you are in our lives. Happy birthday darling boy.