Happy Birthday Penny

©Victoria Lagnehag

We searched for you for so long. In shelters, amongst breeders and rehoming agencies but it just didn’t feel right. And then when we finally held you, at a chubby 8 weeks, it was as if life paused for a moment. And our hearts entwined. And that was it. Love does that. Stops the clock, grabs you and stays firm. Spreads, grows, deepens.

It’s been three years. Holding you for the first time feels much like yesterday and at the same time, I can’t really envision life before you. It’s as if you’ve always been there.

Your love for life is contagious. You're always happy. Always curious. Ready for adventure, to discover new things, to learn, to grow. You look at the world differently. Read people quicker. Spot trouble from a distance. Navigate through life with your senses. You never judge by prejudice, appearance or things. You love ambience jazz before noise, just like your brother. You love the sun, the grass, the butterflies, the calmness of the sea. To run fast and jump high. Toys that squeak or need solving. Fetching sticks, leaves or cones. And when the day is up, you are happiest in the comfort of my arms.

Your family is everything and you protect it fiercely. You bark to alert, to make people know they need to keep their distance. You are small but feisty, beautiful and assertive. You love with intensity and ingenuousness. Your love is so strong and so immense, it’s explosive. You give unconditionally and forgive any imperfections and mistakes. To you, love is simple and beautiful, just the way it should be.

You’ve taught me so much about life, love and priorities. How to jump for joy, love without restrictions, how to ease sadness with cuddles and clean the soul with long walks. You also know how to play hide-and-seek in the middle of a deadline, how to slink into our bedroom unnoticed and you’re an absolute pro at finding treats under sealed lids. You’ve showed me how insignificant words are and how important gestures are, how to slow down and embrace the little things. 

Happy birthday little star. My much loved friend. My whirlwind. My sunshine. My loyal sidekick and happy pill. My little diva. My clever girl. My bouncy ball. My snuggle buddy. My wee baby. You make the world less sinister and life more beautiful. I love you.