Happy Birthday Husband

©Victoria Lagnehag

He is far more traditional than he'd ever like to admit. And more unconventional than I’d ever hope to find. He loves and protects his family fiercely. He walks in my shadow but always with his hand resting firmly on the crest of my back. He cooks to celebrate, to console, to give a piece of him to those who are lucky enough to sit at his table. He talks to strangers and leave lasting impressions. He sings on road trips, dance when he is happy and make jokes without punchline. Old ladies wink at him but he prefers to talk life with the old boys. I find him in a crowd because of his height, because of the circle of people around him. Our hands are entwined even though apart and no borders could ever keep me from his goodnight sweetheart. We talk, we make plans, build dreams, chase them, regroup and rebuild, than chase some more. We do life like lovers, adventurers and the best of friends.

Darling husband. You remind me to be present, to feel the moment, to smile even when life beg to differ. You show me the beauty of being a team in the midst of a storm. And how uncomplicated happiness is. You remind me that life should be lived without regrets and that love is the only goal of real importance. And that life, at all stages, are better when shared.

Happy birthday love of my life, jeg elsker dig.