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Every time I work on a new project, a story unfolds which I would never have anticipated by looking at the product alone. That is the beauty of video, to be able to tell your story through visuals and narratives. It is so captivating. I hope you’ll be able to see what I mean when you watch this film.

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Hotel Campaign

This is a video I shot for a hotel in Riga. It was created for Omelette Day, a chain marketing campaign; aiming solely at their social media audience. The idea was that the General Managers would make Omelettes for their guests at breakfast, on November 15th, which I thought was such a brilliant initiative.

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Yoga Instructor

Maija is a yoga instructor, based in Riga, and she is such a sweetheart. It was so fascinating to watch her move with such ease and grace and to listen to her talk about her passion for teaching and for yoga. She could easily sway anyone to try it.

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