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Happy Birthday Penny

We searched for you for so long. In shelters, amongst breeders and rehoming agencies but it just didn’t feel right. And then when we finally held you, at a chubby 8 weeks, it was as if life paused for a moment. And our hearts entwined. And that was it. Love does that. Stops the clock, grabs you and stays firm. Spreads, grows, deepens.

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Seven Years

It’s been 7 years since I do. 10 years since the trembling first date. 8 years since a sunset proposal in France and 2 fur babies, 16 home addresses and 3 countries later. On his anniversary card I wrote that he’s my happy place. But he’s more than that.

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Where Home is

Do you know how many times we’ve moved? Fifteen times in the last ten years.
I’ve always loved new beginnings, always loved to travel, finding adventures and curious of what’s around the corner. Some say restless, I prefer inquisitive.

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