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Victoria is a photographer, specialising in portraits and fashion. She grew up in Sweden but spent more than a decade in London before her journey took her back to Scandinavia and on to Europe. She is currently residing in Riga and works all over Europe with an international clientele. 

Victoria discovered her love for photography at an early age. Her grandad gifted her with a film camera when she was very young, which sparked a genuine interest for photography and still to this day, she has a penchant for film and shoots film on personal projects.

Victoria loves to create frames with an elegant and editorial feel. She seeks inspiration in the fashion houses as well as in old paintings, different fashion eras and people on the street. Over the years she has developed a signature look, characterised by bright and fresh photographs with a touch of Scandinavian mood. 

Victoria also loves to spend time on personal artistic projects to pursue her own photographic aspirations and she mentors other photographers, teaching business skills and photography.